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Cat and foxgloves

Work in progress for SOFA Exhibition.

This shows the progress of a painting I've been working on recently for an exhibition later this year.
The subject is a Bengal cat in a wild garden, intently attracted by a bumblebee which is exploring the foxgloves.

Busy Bee 1

I usually begin a painting by sketching out the subject on the canvas or paper.
First comes blocking in the background, then establishing a few colours around the subject.

Busy Bee 2

I'm starting to work on the cat now, as I want to get its face right - the expression is crucial to the picture.
I'm working in Acrylic paint, mostly Winsor & Newton, always the artists quality.
I wash over some colour and some of the fur patterns. Working out how the light is falling is very important.

Busy Bee 3

Now I'm putting more work into the plants around the cat, so that it fits within them, rather than out in front.
I've added the bumblebee which is attracting the cat's attention, and I'm working out all the shadows cast by the plants onto the cat, as well as it's own shadow on the grass.

Busy Bee 4

I've decided to change the colour of some of the foxgloves to cream, as I think the pink has become a bit too overpowering.
I've finally put in the cat's whiskers, and it makes all the difference to the cat's expression.
A little more work on the bumblebee, and I continue to work on the plants.
It's nearly finished now, and I don't want to overwork it.

Busy Bee

The finished "Busy Bee"- I shall be exhibiting this at the Society of Feline Artists's Exhibition at The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London.
Busy Bee