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My first demonstration this year.

Sunset swans and wetland in pastel

I recently visited the Bugbrooke WI, who were joined by some of the local Art Group, making a large, interested audience.
An extra treat - like all WI's, they put on a delicious tea & cakes afterwards

Demonstrating a pair of mute swans in pastel, I based them on those I watched at Welney in November.
The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust there had been experiencing a lot of flooding, making the landscape into an inland sea.
At sunset, skeins of whooper swans were coming in to land on the wetland, and the water was a wonderful mass of birds and of soft colours reflected from the sky - very paintable!
I'm sure I shall be using the reference to explore images of swans and water over several pieces, possibly in other media.
Tranquil Waters