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Kitten viewing the world outside

Pastels Kitten for Feline Artists Show

This shows the progress of a pastel drawing that I recently completed for the Society of Feline Artists Exhibition this summer.

Big world pastels one

Here I'd made a start by sketching out the patterns on the kitten, and some of the colours of the brick wall.
Like all cats, a high viewpoint was favourite, and he loved to squeeze through the decorative opening in the wall to see what was going on outside the garden.

Big world pastels two

Now I'd drawn more of the colours and textures in the brick, and had started to add the tones needed to give the picture depth.

It's a Big World

It's a Big World - the finished pastel.
This will be exhibited in the Society of Feline Artists Exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London this summer.
It's a Big World