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Painting grass with quick strokes

Serval in the grass

Recently I visited Banbury Art Society to give a demonstration of Wildlife in the Landscape, using acrylic paints.

I used as my subject a Serval cat from the grasslands of Africa.
The one I saw, though, lives in Hertfordshire - I visited The Cat Survival Trust at Welwyn to get this reference of the long-legged wild cat.

Using a warm ground on the canvas, I painted the cat surrounded by grasses, with flourishes of a brush to make quick, free strokes to create the camouflage, and using a warm palette to give the impression of dusk light.
On the evening there wasn't time to finish the work, but the artists were complimentary about the results.

After another day in the studio, I am fairly pleased with the completed work.

Demonstration to Banbury
Serval in the grass