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Pastel demonstration of a cat.

Cat's favourite seat.

This week I demonstrated in pastels, and described my work to the ladies of the Priors Marston WI in Warwickshire, who were a very friendly, appreciative group.

I chose to draw one of my first cats, who had a favourite perch on top of an old gatepost, in front of a hedge in the garden.
I remembered how he would settle himself there, and keep anyone who was gardening company.
I didn't finish the drawing in the evening, so spent some time the next day to complete it.

I may enter this picture for the Society of Feline Artist's Exhibition,
which will be at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London this autumn,
but I'm not completely sure about it,
and I may try the theme slightly differently in acrylic paint.
"On the gatepost"