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Tiger emerging from grasses

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

A few weeks ago, I demonstrated for the Oadby Art Society in Leicester, painting a tiger in acrylics.

I'd observed the Malaysian tiger at Hamerton Zoo in Cambridgeshire, and chose to feature the striped body emerging here and there through a screen of grasses in flickering light, and I imagined its stealthy movement through the undergrowth in search of prey.
They were a very interested group, and enjoyed seeing the tiger grow on the canvas, as well as the information about the use of acrylic paints.

I was conscious that the picture was far from finished on the night, and spent another two days working on it before I was satisfied.
One of the group quoted William Blake's poem "Tiger, Tiger", so I have titled the painting "Burning Bright", and hope it portrays some of the thrill I got from seeing this beautiful creature.