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Flickering Damselflies over the water

Electric blue Damselflies

My opportunities for getting out and about to watch wildlife have been very
circumscribed by the Coronavirus & lockdown, but I have been reviewing last
year's reference from a trip in June, when I saw the hatching of hundreds of
beautiful blue Damselflies, particularly the Banded Demoiselles, at Stanwick
Lakes in Northamptonshire.

They were flickering over the blue water and on the vegetation around it.
I enjoyed filming their flight, and admired the irridescent colours of their bodies.

This led to my making a paper cut, emphasising the shapes of their wings, and
using metallic inks & paints to try to capture their colours.

I hope that now we can get out more, I shall be able to make more trips to watch
the wildlife that I love to show in my work.