What's New
"Seven for a Secret", paper cut magpies on a branch

Magpie work in progress

After a very busy end to the year, I'm working on a new paper cut, based
on magpies.
I've sketched out my idea, seven magpies on a twiggy branch, using the
old rhyme "Seven for a Secret".

The magpies will decrease in scale & detail, with the front one having some
colour in its wings, the others in black and white.
So far I've begun to cut out the twiggy branch in black card, cutting from the
back with a very sharp scalpel.

I'm aiming to have the work done in time for an Exhibition opening in January,
by the Rugby Artists's & Makers Network, held at Floor One Gallery in the
Rugby Art Gallery & Museum - the theme is "Black & White".

Seven twig