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Sketching Squirrels for Rugby Festival

Festival demonstration

In July, Rugby Festival of Culture celebrated the Arts in the town, and I took part,
having a picture on display in the window of "Wild and Free", a health food shop,
and also by demonstrating my work in the town centre on two days,
to publicise the Festival.

Demonstrating in public is always interesting, seeing what reaction one gets from
the passers-by.
Those who stopped to look were all interested and quite complimentary.
I chose to draw some colour pencil images of red squirrels which I had seen in
Cumbria early this spring.

I was lucky enough to watch the squirrels on several days, moving around and
eating larch seeds and hazel nuts, so I was able to use several active poses.

Despite stopping to talk with many people, I managed to finish the picture in the day.
Nut Crackers