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Spring Hare in dandelion field

Hare amongst Dandelions

I recently stayed in Northumberland, and was lucky enough to see plenty
of Hares. Seeing them amongst the fresh spring growth gave me the idea
of depicting a hare amongst the dandelions and their "clocks", and I made
this in paper cut.

First I painted the hare itself, with the flowering meadow around it, using
watercolour and acrylic paints.

The next part was to design and cut out a border of dandelion "clocks" or
seed heads, to frame the hare. This meant making a very careful design
to fit a square, backed with green paper painted in watercolour, and raised
slightly above the hare layer.

Clocks for WIP

Hare plus clocks

Having fitted this together, I made some dandelion flowers from two colours
of yellow papers, and formed them so that they would stand in front of the
hare and the border.


A few pieces of blown "clock" finished the piece.

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