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Swans and Wind Turbines

White Wings sketch

Last week I demonstrated pastel sketching to the Revel WI, in a village near my own.
They were a very lively, appreciative group, who enjoyed hearing about how I work
and watching the pastel sketch growing on the paper.
They asked plenty of searching questions!

I had watched groups of Whooper Swans at Welney Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust in
the previous autumn, and was struck by the white wind turbines rotating in the
background, with white swans flying in front, and decided this would make a good
"story" for a picture in a watery landscape.

I had prepared a colour sketch of my original idea, and some studies of the swans
and turbines.
During the evening I was able to sketch it out and work out some of my ideas,
but I am planning to try out the work as a paper cut at a future date.

White Wings
White Wings preparatory sketches